Choosing the Best Guitar for Your Kids


If you are a music lover, you sure want to pass this to your children. Kids have a lot of potential when it comes to music. As parents, it is your task to help them create a strong foundation in music through giving them proper guidance and enough training. Such foundation will also help them understand and appreciate culture and arts. Buying a guitar that fits to your kids is a very important step. To make sure that you get the right guitar, below are some things you need to bear in mind.

In the market, there are plenty of choices when it comes to guitar, from brands to styles, to sizes and to kinds. If you are not guided on which one is suited for your kids, you will sure have a tough task. But knowing what your kids really needs will help you choose the right instrument in no time.

– You have to determine which size is suited for your child. Buying the standard size will be very difficult for them to hold. This can give them frustrations when learning to play the instrument. If you don’t consider this carefully, then your child may want to quit even before learning the basics. So, it is your responsibility to determine the right size of guitar from for your child. Shop for the one which complements the age and height for your child. Determine the scale length fitted for your child. This refers to the distance between the bridge and nut of the guitar. For ages 4-6 and 1/4 scale guitar is perfect. Ages 5-8 should get 1/2 scale guitars and 8-11 years old can have the 3/4 scale guitar. Another important thing to consider is your child’s height. You need also to check the neck profile to make sure that it suits best to your child’s frame.

– The next thing to check is the type of guitar to buy. There are several choices available like a classical, electric and steel string guitar. Electric guitar from is easy to fret since the strings are not hard. Choose a small amp when choosing a guitar. You should also get a starter package. Most students begin with using steel string acoustic type. It can hurt at the beginning, but encourage them to play the guitar for at least 15 minutes a day.

– Your child have a favorite musical artist. Let them see the different guitars their favorite artist use. Then, let them touch and feel the instrument. Teach them the different parts as well as the tune of guitar. In this way, you can help them determine the right guitar to buy. You can also learn more tips on where to find the best kids activities by checking out the post at


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